look closer

And I’m glad you got away
But I’m still stuck out here
My clothes are soaking wet
From your brother’s tears

—"Poison Oak" by Bright Eyes

Everywhere I am

Is just another thing

Without you in it…

Fashion Coat, The National

And not to mention, despite pretension, you are infinitely interesting to me…

Metaphors, by Keaton Henson

catastrophe equals opportunity.

"You want to know how California got it’s name? It’s not named after some explorer, or king. Nope. Someone made the name up—a writer. He just pulled it out of his imagination in the 16th Century, in Spain. He made up this place where there was unlimited gold, and pearls, and beautiful fierce women who wore gold armor, and rode wild beasts. And he called it California. It’s true. It was a bestseller back then. Charlie told me that. He said I could look it up if I didn’t believe him. But I didn’t need to."

—Miranda, from King of California

"It takes a lot of nerve to destroy this wondrous earth. We’re only human; this at least we’ve learned."

In Our Talons, Bowerbirds

such a beautiful band :)

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"One day I’ll find just that friend who can see, all this weird beauty thrown right at me.."

I love their love. It makes my ears happy, my eyes smile, and my heart drop.

just a little jealous…

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